Tim can save you the effort, and worry by providing you with party or gift bags, packed with fun, entertaining gifts. They’re brilliant value too -pound for pound much, much, better than you can buy on the high street!

Party/Gift Bags & Piñata

Quality, convenience, and fantastic value!

Big reasons to get your party bags through me:


There are 5 different bags to choose from, so you can match your party bags to both your budget and event.


You pay only for those bags you keep, so no worries about no-shows. I’ll just take away any that you don’t need. This can be a huge saving!


I carry at least 10% more bags than you order -no problems with extra guests.


All bags will suit either boys or girls, and the contents of all like-bags will be similar -keeping all your guests happy! Also, contents are all carefully chosen, avoiding items that may be inappropriate for some, such as nuts, guns and soldiers.


There are no minimum quantities; just order what you need, whether it’s 1 or 100.


Bags will be tailored to the age of the main guests, but I can provide special bags for any older or younger guests at your party if you wish. And if you want something a bit special or different for any of your guests just call me, and I’ll see what I can do!


I deliver large numbers of bags every year, which means that you get brilliant value, with much more excitment for a lot less than you could make yourself from the high street     


1.        “The Regular Bag”                         £3.95 each

Smaller (14cm) sized draw-string party bag containing:

- 1 larger item from a selection typically including: wooden box dominoes | small soft toy | construction or craft model | 10-pack of colouring crayons | Plasticine, plus

-  1 medium item from a selection typically including: card game | puzzles set | roll of stickers | novelty drawing pads | magic wand, plus

- 2 smaller items from a selection typically including: Glider kit | rocket balloons | novelty pencils | miniature paint boxes | mini-puzzles | bubbles, plus


- 2 small confectionery items such as lollies, chews or Haribo bags, and a roll-up magicians’ certificate/magic wand!


2.        “The Little Peoples' Big Bag”                         £5.00 each

Larger (23cm) sized draw-string party bag containing:

- A lovely cuddly toy, plus bubbles and a magic wand


3.        “The Magic Bag”                        £5.95 each

Larger (23cm) sized draw-string party bag for the magician in you, and containing:

- 2 larger items from a selection typically including: balloon modelling kits | face painting sets | magic sets | boxed tricks | jumbo cards, plus

- 2 smaller items from a selection typically including: playing cards | magic pads | mini magic capes | magic drawing pad, plus


- A manuscript of tricks to learn, magical info, and magic puzzles

- A full-size magic wand!


4.       “Making Magic-The Magic DVD”  £6.75 each

A small draw-string party bag containing Tim’s very own magic teaching DVD, presented on a branded credit-card size USB drive.

This professionally produced DVD demonstrates and teaches 13 fantastic magic tricks. Shot in High Definition, this is suitable for worldwide playback on a computer or via the USB port on TV.

Suitable for all ages from 6-ish to adult, you’ll be a budding magician in no time at all. Some props are needed, but they’re generally all available around the house.

Just click the  ‘play’ arrow in the centre of the image to take a look at the 2 minute QuickTime clip to get a taste of how brilliant this is!


5.        “The Magic Bag & DVD Combo” £10.00 ea

This is BOTH “The Magic Bag” AND “The Magic DVD”. Both the DVD and the Magical Manuscript are provided on the USB drive to give you greater flexibility as you watch, laugh and learn.

Together, that saves £2.70 on every bag. Brilliant value. Brilliant entertainment!


Super-Deluxe Goody-Filled Piñata £27.00 ea

My Piñata are absolutely stuffed full of goodies -ready to be smashed open. Playing cards, puzzles, medals, balloons, stickers, crayons, and lots and lots of fabulous sweets.

As well as the Piñata, I bring a pole that it hangs off (so no more having to find a suitable tree), and a perfect club for smashing it open!


Are Your Party/Gift Really That Good?

Since I have been providing bags I have received many wonderful comments. The few listed below represent just some of the real testimonials that real people have written:

“These party bags are wonderful”

“What amazing value; how do you do it”

“The kids loved them”

“The birthday-boy asked me to tell you that he thought the party bags were brilliant”

“Those were the best party bags ever”

“I hate doing party bags; you saved my life!”

To Order:

Party bags are available as part of a magic show package. Just choose size of bag you want from the table above, and I’ll do the rest.

Note that the contents of bags will follow the ranges described. The exact contents may vary due to supply, and cannot be guaranteed; substitutions will always be of similar or greater value.

Contact me today:

Mobile: 07956 386486

Email:  tim@timbarnes.biz

Pictured: a typical “Regular Bag”

Pictured: a typical “Little People’s Bag”

Pictured: a typical “Magic Bag”