Close-Up & Walkaround Magic

Come, be amazed!

With close-up and walk-around entertainment, the magic is powerful, and takes place right under the spectators noses.

Whatever your event Tim’s expertise will ensure a show with some of the most amazing magic you've seen.

Everything is performed with the emphasis on laughter and the involvement of the audience, to ensure maximum fun, and lasting memories.


World Stars of Magic - Las Vegas

Tim was the featured close-up performer

For receptions and dinners, mix-and-mingle magic can provide a real focus. Your guests get to meet one another, laugh together and join in with the fun. What better way to kick off your event, and ensure it’s truly memorable!

For trade shows and product launches the magic is specifically tailored to your event -promoting your Company, extolling the benefits of your products, and engaging your customers and winning new ones!

And film premieres too...

Tim has provided the entertainment that made James Bond go with a bang, ET phone home, getting intergalactic with Star Wars, and helping Spongebob get squarepants. He was the warm up on Ice Age, animated with Robots, down with the cats on Garfield, zinging along with Zog, and cooking up a storm with The Tiger who came to Tea!

To give you an idea…

•   There's plethora of hugely entertaining card miracles

•   Watch some amazements with borrowed mobile phones, including one appearing in a balloon

•   There's magic with borrowed cash, including a stack of lottery tickets turning into a fistful of notes in a flash of flame!

•   Find merely thought of playing card appears reversed in a deck

•   There's magic with the mind, including the silhouette of a merely thought of celebrity emerging from a scrap of paper.

•   A small silver dog simply materialises in someone's hand (and they get to keep it).

•   And there's so, so, much more, with coins, rope, pens, pictures, dice, ice (oh yes, magic with real ice!), and even a couple of elephants wedding rings!

With years of experience, and having been resident magician in some of the capitals best restaurants for the last 25 years, Tim is a master of his craft.

images © Alice Lubbock